Koenigsegg CCXKoenigsegg CCX

"After the accident, Stig said he reckons this car would be 4 seconds faster than it was if it had a big wing on the back."

Ferrari 599 HGTEFerrari 599 HGTE

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE, Seemingly Pointless Edition

Bugatti VeyronBugatti Veyron

Utterly, stunningly, jaw droppingly brilliant

Just Plain Funny...Just Plain Funny

(update: Since this photo has been popular lately, I should point out that I didn't create this, but I have been unable to determine the source.)

This was emailed to me today, and it made me laugh out loud. You can mentally edit out "blonde" if it offends you (I'm too lazy to Photoshop it) but the joke is undeniably funny. Maybe not to someone in their first Geometry class, I guess. They're just saying, "yeah, exactly!"

Windows Seven 7Windows Seven 7

1440x900 wall. New fonts, new logotype, new logo ... new Windows ... ^^

Twitter is not a chatTwitter is not a chat

twitter is not a chat wallpaper

Earth 2049 - The EndEarth 2049 - The End

Last picture of the series. Not a new concept but I wanted to give it a new try/look.

Numa Numa

Numa Numa

Nissan Skyline GTRNissan Skyline GTR

"The Skyline - and I'm not joking - is one of the best cars....I have ever driven..."

Funny PictureFunny Picture

Funny Picture

Amazing Lego WallpaperAmazing Lego Wallpaper

Amazing Lego Wallpaper